The main safety concern when using blood-flow restriction technology is the risk of occlusion, which can lead to serious injury when performing exercises. This sequence of images and videos demonstrates that our (B)STRONG BFR Training System is unable to occlude blood flow when safety rules and APP guidelines are followed. In contrast, blood pressure cuffs and surgical tourniquets, which have sometimes been used for in place of proper BFR training, functionally occlude blood flow at pressures just higher than the person’s systolic blood pressure. Since our (B)STRONG BFR Training System is shown to be unable to block arterial inflow to a limb, it avoids the root cause of serious complications. Our specifically designed bands ensure both effectiveness and safety when performing BFR Training.


  1. Never completely stop blood flow. 

  2. Always place bands in correct locations.

  3. Never lift heavy weights.

  4. Limit belt inflation time to 20 minutes.

  5. Hydrate before, during, and after a BStrong BFR Training Session.

DISCLAIMER: Of course, if there is an on-going medical emergency, the individual should seek medical attention and post-pone their BFR Training session.